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Setting little smiles up for a big future

Smiling brings us together, it gives us our sense of connection. It’s how we express ourselves, how we show our happiness to the world.

Our Services

  • Comphensive oral health plan and examination Removal of plaque and/or stain

  • Removal of dental plaque and/or stain from the surfaces of all teeth

  • Topical application of remineralisation and/or cariostatic agents to all teeth

  • Nutritional /Dietary analysis and advice

  • Analysis of and advice on your child’s diet to correct any dietary imbalances or deficiencies that may contribute to oral health disorders. Further referral options to Perth’s best Paediatric Dietitians

  • Oral hygiene tools and techniques for the removal of bacterial plaque on your child’s teeth

  • Advice of appropriate toothpaste and medicaments may be included

  • Orthodontic assessment

  • 24 hour triage calls/emergency calls & Emergency house calls for assessments

  • Photographic images showing structures inside the mouth associated with dental diagnosis or clinical procedure.

  • Soft tissues assessment including tongue tie and other soft tissues possible disorders

  • Dental decay assessment and risk anaylsis

  • Thumb, finger and dummy sucking advice and personalised plans – referral pathways for complex cases to a team of specialists that we love working with in Perth

  • Comphensive sleep and airway assessment of your child’s current development, with further referral options for Perth’s best Ear, nose and throat specialists and sleep specialists.

  • Full written personalised oral health plan for the next 6 months for your child including video references and personalised tips and tricks for their oral health

  • Gp referral report sent to your family doctor outlining oral health plan and findings

Pediatric Airway Assessment

This screening form may help identify patients at increased risk for sleep-related breathing disorders.

Orthodontic assessment: So we can see if there will be any problems such as bite issues, tooth misalignment or incorrect spacing such as overcrowding, and where there isn’t enough room for the adult teeth to come through correctly.

Let’s transform your child’s oral and dental health and set them up for a lifetime of healthy habits and big smiles together now