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Setting little smiles up for a big future

Smiling brings us together, it gives us our sense of connection. It’s how we express ourselves, how we show our happiness to the world.

Removing the barriers to children’s oral health together

We are a team of professional, passionate and innovative Oral Health Promoters who are closing the gap and creating a generation of smiles bigger and brighter than ever. Starting with your child.

A initial oral health assessment

Plaque removal clean and polish

Tooth remineralisation treatment

In The Comfort Of Your Child’s Care Centre, home or any community group

We know how scary the dentist can be (even for adults). That’s why we’re coming to you. We see your child in their own environment, so you can do away with that dreaded first trip to the dentist once and for all. Instead, they’ll receive their first treatment from the comfort of their care centre, home, kindy or mums and bub’s group bookings, while surrounded by their friends and familiar faces.

It’s fun, interactive and each child receives a dental goodie bag filled with their own personalised products to take home.

What’s in a smile?

Those little teeth play a big role in your child’s development. Your child will be looked after by one of our professional, passionate and innovative Oral Health Therapists Smile Promoters. They’ll receive:

An initial oral health

Plaque removal, clean
and polish

Tooth remineralisation

goodie bag

Because we care

We know you’re busy. You don’t need to add ‘make dentist appointment and get Sam to dentist’ to your to do list. That’s just another reason we’re coming to you. You’ll receive a report with your child’s results and if further treatment is required, we’ll help arrange that too.

“A smile is so much more than a simple function. It’s how you speak,
express yourself, laugh… so let’s look after them.”

Let’s transform your child’s oral and dental health and set them up for a lifetime of healthy habits and big smiles together now